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Distress Tolerance: More Ways to Relax the Body

The previous article spoke about Progressive Muscle Relaxation. But there are many more ways to calm the body. And when we calm the body, the mind follows.
Another way to relax the muscles of the body is via massage. Massage has been shown to reduce symptoms of anxiety, depression, and pain. Ask a loved one […]

Out-of-network coverage

I am currently paneled with CareFirst BCBS and Johns Hopkins EHP insurances. For all other health insurance plans, I am an “out-of-network” provider. I provide detailed receipts to all of my clients at the end of each month, and these include all of the information needed to submit a claim to your insurance company […]

Distress Tolerance: Better Breathing

When we experience long periods of stress, our breathing patterns often change in unhelpful ways. Instead of breathing slowly from our lower lungs, we tend to breathe rapidly and shallowly from our upper lungs. This in turn, leaves us feeling anxious, short of breath, and less sharp mentally. We might also feel pressure in […]

What are the long-term health consequences of chronic alcohol use?

Drinking too much — on a single occasion or over time — can take a serious toll on your health. This article explores the negative health consequences of chronic alcohol use, as cumulative effects add up over time.
Effects on the brain
Because of the complexity of the nervous system, a separate article has been devoted […]

What are the health consequences of alcohol use?

An article on the short-term and long-term health consequences of alcohol use.

Distress Tolerance

We all have to deal with difficulty
At different points in our lives, we all have to cope with distress and pain. This pain can be physical, like a bee sting or a broken bone. Or it can be emotional, like sadness or anxiety.
Minimizing suffering
While pain can’t always be avoided, suffering can be minimized. One […]

Upcoming Schedule Changes

MLK weekend

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Please consult My Upcoming Schedule for changes to these normal hours. 

My Communication Policy

My communication policy is outlined in the Informed Consent Agreement that you received and signed when we first met. I have provided a copy of this section below for your convenience.

If you are experiencing an emergency or crisis, please consult the following article: How to respond to a mental health emergency or crisis

In […]

Distress Tolerance: Distraction

If we are in the middle of a difficult situation and, for whatever reason, cannot make things better right away, then distraction may be a helpful tool to consider using.
Distraction skills are important because they temporarily stop us from thinking about situations that are causing emotional pain. This briefly interrupts our contact with […]