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Books on mindfulness

A list of great books on the subject of mindfulness is provided.


The article offers an introduction to mindfulness -- describing the concept, citing research to its benefits, and discussing possible mechanisms of action. Linked articles explore more specific topics in depth.

Relaxation videos

Mental health and college planning

The article discusses how to take your adolescent's mental health into account when making post-high school plans.

On depression

This post offers insights into clinical depression and what can be done to manage and reduce it.

Emotion-focused coping

Emotion-focused coping involves trying to soothe and reduce the negative emotional responses associated with stress, such as embarrassment, fear, anxiety, depression, and frustration.

Questions about alcohol use

In this post, I try to answer common questions about problematic drinking.

Depression in adolescents

This brief guide for parents with a depressed adolescent discusses the phenomenon of clinical depression, how to evaluate its severity, how to assess and manage associated risk factors, and the treatment options that are available.

Diaphragmatic breathing

This post discusses breathing techniques that reduce our body's stress response.

How long does psychotherapy take?

This article discusses different factors that affect psychotherapy outcomes.