This website uses industry-standard security techniques to secure online billing services. This document outlines the specific security measures implemented.


Transport Layer Security

During payment, an encrypted tunnel is created between your computer and this website to prevent third-parties from intercepting or interfering with messages. Important messages are encrypted with an authorized SSL certificate which is renewed annually. HTTPS is used in conjunction with SSL to deliver messages.

Information Storage

Your actual credit card information is never stored by Instead, payment processing is outsourced to, a trusted and secure online payment company. - Security Information

Technical Specifications

Connection establishment:

  • RC4_28 algorithm for encryption
  • SHA1 for message authentication
  • RSA for key exchange

Asymmetric public-private key implementation:

  • Standard SSL: 128-bit encryption
  • Public/private key length: 2048 bits


Site identity verified by Digicert Certificate Authority

  • Registration confirmation
  • Address confirmation
  • Email address confirmation
  • Domain ownership confirmation